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PPlanting trunks of 238,000 in 60 minutes simultaneously on a single place to break the world record (GuinnessWorld Records). This activity is held in cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with a number of parties such as the Regional Government, Indonesia State Forest Company or Perhutani, and the Cooperative of Green Earth Grant Producers (KOPRABUH). Concurrent tree planting involves 10,000 farming communities, students, college students, scouts and invited guests and local communities. Guinness World Records’ worth of conferences and recording the World Record to KOPRABUH as an initiator. The world record-breaking planting event is a series of Tree Planting Day (HMPI) and National Planting Month (BMN) 2016.

The summit of HMPI and BMN 2016 was held in Tasikharjo Village, Jenu District, Tuban Regency, East Java. The event was chaired by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo and the First Lady Iriana Widodo, Ministers of the Working Cabinet, Heads of State Institutions, The Indonesian National Armed Forces or TNI, Police, Ambassador of neighboring countries, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Provincial and District Governments in East Java, / students and the surrounding community of the location. HMPI and BMN become the momentum of the planting and tree-keeping movement continuously and is expected to be entrenched among the wider community.

The theme raised in HMPI and BMN 2016 is “Tree and Forest People, for Life, Welfare and State Foreign Exchange”. This theme is relevant to the condition of Indonesia which is encouraging the increase of economic value (green economy) in forest management. Therefore, it is necessary to involve the community in the development of community forests to meet industrial raw materials and other needs. It is able to move the economy of rural forest-based communities. Related to this matter, the Ministry of LHK is developing a social forestry program that implements cooperative business pattern with the capacity of corporate management. The meaning of tree planting with the effort to increase the productivity and economy of the community with the cooperative will be the differentiator of HMPI 2016 compared to previous years.

In his speech, President Jokowi said that when we plant trees, we are planting prayers and hopes for the sustainability of future generations. In addition to improving the environment, planting should also provide direct benefits to the welfare of the community. It is necessary to develop a model capable of incorporating farmers, fishermen and cooperatives. In such a way on a large scale is expected to provide more clear economic benefits. Our economic movement will be better. “I will follow this program if we will develop it in other provinces and districts,” said Jokowi.

The 2016 HMPI is also closely related to Indonesia’s share in controlling climate change. Step-mitigation with tree planting is one of the efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This is in line with Paris Agreement’s primary objective to withstand the rate of rising earth temperatures of no more than 20 ° or to the extent of pressing up to 1.50C. “This activity also shows the world that Indonesia has a significant role in leading the way of climate change at the World Climate Change Conference, COP 22 Maroko, 7-18 November ago related to the real action of change control,” said LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya when delivering the report.

Total trees planted in HMPI 2016 reached 238,000 stems consisting of 200,000 stems Kaliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus) and 38,000 teak (Tectona Grandis) on an area of 23 hectares. Kaliandra is a short-lived tree species that can be harvested within 2 years. Usually used as energy raw materials. Kaliandra has other benefits through its flower known as a productive honeybee meal. Meanwhile, teak plants have high economic value and are able to provide benefits in the long term. Both types of trees are planted side by side. Therefore, people can take short-term economic benefits through time and long-term through teak.

In HMPI and BMN 2016 this time Minister of LHK Siti Nurbaya accompanied by Chairman of KOPRABUH submit award and grant of adoption certificate of tree. On this occasion the President also handed the award to the Governor, Regent and Mayor of Plantation Cultivation Contest and Tree Maintenance Year 2015. To the provincial level: East Java, Aceh and North Sulawesi; Regency level: Cilacap, Kuningan, and East Lampung; city level: Cimahi, Metro Lampung, and Balikpapan.

On May 9, 2015, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial Planning / The National Land Agency and the Village Ministry, the Development of Underdeveloped Regions and Transmigration in order to support and implement in an integrated manner the Revitalization of the National Movement-Water Rescue Partnership. The Joint Agreement aims to restore the balance of the hydrological cycle in the Watershed (DAS) achieved through central and local government programs, business involvement, and community participation.

The government has poured the planting program in the RPJMN 2015-2019 on critical land of + 5.5 million hectares with an allocation of 1.25 million ha / year. To accelerate this rehabilitation, the LHK Ministry is working with a number of parties. Through the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Technology and Higher Education, each student at least planted five trees during elementary school, five trees during junior high, five trees in high school and five trees for college students. In addition, based on the agreement with the Ministry of Religious Affairs has been arranged so that each new couple must plant five trees. So everyone planted trees at least 25 trees during his lifetime.

It is high time that the spirit of planting trees is embedded within us. Planting trees is an effort to save the earth, preserve biodiversity, save and grow new springs and provide oxygen for life.

(Bureau of Public Relations KLHK and Government Communication Team with Kemkominfo)

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